Seekers and Finders


“If thou seek him, he will be found of thee.” 1Chron. 28:9

We need our God; He is to be had for the seeking; and He will not deny Himself to any one of us if we personally seek His face. It is not, if thou deserve Him, or purchase His favor, but merely if thou “seek” Him. Those who already know the Lord must go on seeking His face by prayer, by diligent service, and by holy gratitude: to such He will not refuse His favor and fellowship. Those who, as yet, have not known Him to their souls’ rest should at once commence seeking, and never cease till they find Him as their Saviour, their Friend, their Father, and their God.

What strong assurance this promise gives to the seeker! “He that seeketh findeth.” You, yes you, if you seek your God shall find Him. When you find…

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Be Grateful

Hi lovely people, good morning to you all. Its a beautiful thing to be awake and alive this morning in good health and sound minds, don’t you think it is Worth been grateful for? A minister once said that the very crucial gift God could give to a person is the GIFT OF LIFE. The fact that you’re alive is enough to be thankful for, as you go about starting your daily activities, let this be a reminder to you that God has done so much for you by giving you a life that ordinarily you cannot give to yourself, hence the need to be grateful. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AHEAD OF YOU!!!

Am I Free to do Whatever I Want?

I have always thought I could do things that I like or want at any time as I dim fit since I owned myself but then, I was wrong. Fine I own myself but at the same time I do not own my life.

This got me thinking as to why I do not own my life and then I realized that I AM GOD’S, CREATED BY HIM AND NOT I CREATED MYSELF, IN HIS LIKENESS AND IN HIS IMAGE. Yes, I am and He has given me the authority to Act, Rule, Dominate and Take Charge.

1Cor 6:12 says( All Things Are Lawful For Me But Not All Things Are Expedient: All Things Are Lawful To Me, But I Will Not Be Brought Under Any).

The phrase’ I am free to do whatever I want ‘appears in 4 times in the book of 1 Corinthians. See 1Cor 10:23, and each time, Paul considers it necessary to add something to the basic statement. There is something true about the statement but by itself, the statement is wrong and dangerous.

Christians are free because of their relationship with God ( Rom 8: 1-2, Gal 3:24-25). The purpose of God’s law is not to control His people, it is basically to tell them that they need Jesus to save them but after God saves a person it is now the work of the Holy Spirit to guide the person’s life.

1Cor 14:27-32 talks about the Christians in Corinth who considered themselves free, they had seen evidence that the Holy Spirit was working in their lives, but Paul insisted that they were not yet mature in their Christian lives (1Cor 3:1-3) they were doing things that they themselves wanted to do and not what God wanted them to do.

Being free to do whatever you want to do is true for the mature Christians because the Holy Spirit is leading them anyway and what they do through the help of the HOLY Spirit is always right but for the immature Christians, they may be free but they want the wrong things to be done because the leading of the Holy Spirit is not there.

As humans, we often make this mistake and it has even now become a permanent saying that for as much as am created by God, I can do anything that I like at any time because I am His child. An unbeliever will even tell it to your face, that I am created in the image of God and so I have the right to do whatever I want after all we worship the same God, forgetting that, the fact that you’re a child of God doesn’t make you a recognized child with the father, the fact that you’re created by Him doesn’t make you do anything you like, the fact that we worship the same God doesn’t make you do as you please.


Stay blessed!!!

Putting Too Much On God

Interracial Marriage


It is important for you to realize that coming to Jesus Christ and receiving the benefits of knowing the Creator of Heaven and Earth and having a relationship with him as close as friends and even closer as a son or daughter that God has work for you. Sometimes we can make the mistake in believing that somehow God is now responsible for everything in our lives when he is the one who commands and we are responsible to listen and obey.

The Lord says fear not for I am with you. Our responsibility is to stop fearing. The Lord says trust in him and do good. Our responsibility is to trust him and do good works. The Lord says honor and your father and mother. Our responsibility is to honor our father and mother. The Lord is not going to do our part. If we are too lazy or uninterested…

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Lessons From The World Most Prominent Men And Women

1. Dr. Ben Carson said,
“I struggled academically throughout elementary school yet became the best Neurosurgeon in the World in 1987″

*LESSON* : Struggling is a sign that you are on a verge of success. Don’t quit yet.

2. Oprah Winfrey said, ” I was raped at the age of 9 yet I am one of the most influential women in the World”

*LESSON* : Don’t let your past decide your future.

3. Bill Gate said, “I didn’t even complete my university education but became the World’s richest man”

School does not make you rich. School is only suppose to Polish what will make you rich, not make you Rich.

4. Joyce Meyer said & I quote, “I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father as far back as I can remember, until I left home at the age of eighteen, yet I am one…

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How I praised God and doubted God all in the same day

Faith, Sigh, and DIY

A few hours after I had praised God for answered prayer, I was questioning why I ever believed my prayers were answered.  It’s sometimes like that, isn’t it? We have our “high” and then we plummet. Then we get discouraged.

And please, don’t “correct” me with “God always answers prayers with “yes”, “no”, and “not now”. Let’s quit with the platitudes. Many Christians spout things they never even think about. They’ve heard someone else say it or they think they should say it to look “spiritual”. Jesus had a few words to say about the hypocrites who were doing the exact same thing.

Can we please quit doing that? Of course, I believe in answered prayer. I wouldn’t pray if I didn’t. But let’s also remember that God’s plans and purposes are often quite different from ours so answered or unanswered prayers isn’t even the issue at times.

I’ve studied the “greats” of…

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About prayer from someone who struggles with it at times

Faith, Sigh, and DIY


No one writes anything in isolation. I’ve read a lot about prayer from highly respected author whom I’m sure are also influenced by those whose books they read. Some of the authors that I continually re-digest are, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Phillip Yancey, Andrew Murray, Priscilla Shirer, Charles Spurgeon, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers…..

While God spoke to us in Scripture, He continues to speak through His servants. While authors of Scripture were divinely inspired, writers today are inspired as well, albeit differently.

The Holy Spirit continues to speak and influence. Divine inspiration didn’t stop when the first Bible was printed. If it had, that would mean that the Charles Spurgeons, the D.L. Moodys, the Dallas Willards, the Richard Fosters of this world were NOT inspired and that no author since then has been. I doubt if any of us would read their books if we didn’t think they were…

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