God is Never Late: Taking His Time so His Provisions Doesn’t Hurt You.

In this little journey of mine on the surface of the earth that i have put behind me, having lived with different people of questionable and unquestionable characters, I often hear them lament, God isn’t good! He’s selfish! He’s not who He told me He is! He works with scale of preference! He prefers others to me! Why then did He create me? Is that supposed to be a question for me to answer? Then, I would wonder if these people are actually correct about their views and points about God.

But growing up especially in a Christian family of mine, come to realize that their perspectives towards life and God was not set right and there was equally need for their mentality and orientation to be changed. Not like I’m a preacher of some sort, but then I’ve been privileged to know that God doesn’t work that way neither is He a failure in whatever He does.

In my little understanding about God, I’ve been able to pin point one of the reasons why it seem like He doesn’t hear nor answer our prayers sometimes not because of all of those selfish thoughts attributes listed above but because He’s a good God who never fails and because you’re very special to Him, hence the need for Him to make sure that what He provides for you doesn’t hurt you as you’re created in His image.

Have you ever thought about the reason why He created those things for us in the first place? Have you ever thought about it that those things He created for is cannot be used nor consumed by Him? So then why are you all worked up knowing fully well He doesn’t need them to Himself? May I put it to you that anything you ask God and He didn’t give to you is because that thing could be dangerous for you at that time and could take your life if He granted it. And you know what? God is a very jealous God who doesn’t want His glory to be shared with anyone so He intentionally takes His time so you may have a testimony to share to His people, so His people will only thank Him on your behalf, so it will encourage people to seek Him the more and continually have faith in Him.

This is my piece to share with you today… Make use of it.

O Lord, I praise thee


Isaiah 5:1-7

In the days of Jotham, as in the reign of Uzziah, the great prophet Isaiah was pouring forth his eloquent utterances. He is the great gospel seer, who spake more of Jesus Christ than all the rest. We will now read three of his prophecies, which he gave forth in the form of songs. The first song describes Israel under the figure of a vineyard, and was, from its form and beauty, well fitted to win the attention of the people.

Isaiah 5:1-7

How much is our condition like that of Israel and Judah! What more could God have done for us? We have the Bible and the ministry of the gospel: as a family we are a garden walled around, and our country is the fruitful field of true religion. What fruit are we yielding? If we are barren, what must we expect? Judgment is always in…

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Motivating and empowering students

The Americanoid Blog

For many years  I’ve been volunteering at an English Bible class in Brazil. Our goal is simple: use English to encourage people to study the Bible.

Every Saturday morning we meet for some 70-80 minutes and sing some gospel songs, pray together, and study the bible. The challenge is that they have a little bible study guide – with daily questions and texts, and the following Saturday we meet to discuss what we learned during the week.  You can check out the lessons here for free: https://absg.adventist.org/archives

But this past weekend I was observing the study guide of one of our class members, he is a quite shy young man – it had been thoroughly studied, underlined and the questions had been read and duly answered. Wow.

I was so happy to see Leandro’s dedication to look up the vocabulary of the texts he was studying not for English’s sake…

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The Heart

Today is a new day, the quote says what you believe in will always work for you knowingly or unknowingly. What have you been believing that’s working negatively in your life. You’re created by God and so think like him. As for me I can’t afford to have a thought in my head that’s not in God’s head. Thank about it.

The Pain, The Gain #2

At quarter past 7am, i was astonished by the crowd I met inside, are these people here for the photoshoots? I asked the lady standing beside me “yes” she said…wow, it must be a real deal, i said to myself. At exactly 8:15am, my so called guy called my attention to a short meeting that was to take place and myself and few others gathered round while we listen to the first speaker. Is this some sort of admonition gathering? I asked myself even when I know it was a rhetorical question. After an hour, then second speaker took turn then i began feeling disturbed as he also begins admonishing us for how many hours we don’t know. What were they telling us?….how to make money without education by making use of any opportunity that comes our way, so I said to myself “oh girl you don enter am” meaning “girl you just started”. Not until few minutes to 11am were we asked to stop and rearrange our chairs, as we were busy doing that we all heard the sound of the microphone audible enough to be heard outside the hall. In anticipate, we all sat down watching and listening to what they have to offer us, the first speaker up to the sixth speaker all talking about how their lives changed through the business they’re all into and that we should try and join them by buying the products, use the products and share the products by bringing people to join them telling them its for photoshoots and become models just as we were also deceived.

wow, sounds absurd right? I don’t think so! What I felt sounded absurd was their mode of speech. In a social gathering such as that, should the organizers be Vulgar in their speech? Complaining about not sitting right, complaining about talking to your neighbours, abusing about the use of mobile phones in the hall, in this 21st century? That’s absurd! I said to myself, to crown it all, we were given a form to fill which would cost us #16,000 each on that same day and different questions started dropping in my mind…who does that?, Who asked me to come here in the first place?, 16k?, where do I get that amount of money from? Then I decided to take to my heels but I wasn’t allowed to go out. “Yes I’m in for it” I said to myself. Having observed their long process in submitting the form, I called the guy that invited me, “guy I can’t wait for these long process thing you’re doing you know this wasn’t what you brought me to come and do and I’m still going to another place before heading home. When are you paying the money? He asked me, “I don’t know yet probably when I have the money” I said to him “are you saying now that you’re leaving?” He asked me and as a smart girl that I am, yes! I said reluctantly trying not to be too forward, then he said to me…Ok no problems, you can go!
“What a freedom” I said to myself as I began taking my foot one after the other till I felt the ray of the sun smiling at me outside the hall. It felt like I’ve just been saved from a plane that’s about to crash as I took a deep breath.